Who Evolves?

“I exist” is the original knowledge of godspace, which, as you are coming to know, is the singular quantum knowledge of a godspace being concealed deep within the living love flame. In attracting the Fire of Life cards to you, you have been invited into the knowledge of what you originally were and still are. “I exist” is a living being. A quantum being. It is a singularity. Your life derives from its existence. It is the ground-state condition of your godbeing existence. There are, and have been eternally, an infinite number of “I exist” godbeings in the quantum cosmos. Godbeings are the real beings. They are the ones who evolve from one plane of pure existence to another. You as a human being and the race as a whole are a means to an end within that process. There is a greater godbeing beyond, of which your “I exist” is a piece. That godbeing is preparing for its transposition onto a higher plane. To touch this knowledge is to be a real being.