The Human Heart and a Godbeing/Buddha

The godbeing entering your life is innocent within itself. Its life is the contemplation of pure existence forever. From within the depths of its contemplation, it has manifested you as the means of deeper self-knowledge. It seeks, therefore, to understand you just as you seek to understand it. The friendliness in this prayer is the intimacy that makes this mutual understanding possible. By contemplating prayer #29, you are asking for a more intimate relationship with your godbeing self.

On the cosmic planes, a godbeing has only itself to relate to. Its dream creations are intangible forms skirting eternally across its inner eye. Despite its august position in the cosmic order, it has little knowing. It dreams alone and coldly to itself. A godbeing manifesting human lives stirs warmth into the godspace field. Its contribution to cosmic evolution is the possibility that this warmth may eventually catch the attention of the godbeing, making it a more conscious dreamer.