Living Love

In the deepest folds of pure existence, something unutterably tender lives the one real life. It is the first fold of godspace within itself and is the essence of all godbeing dreamers. Single flames of godbeing love draw their life from a greater godbeing flame linked into vast dimensions of love unfathomable. The human heart can bow only so deeply before it must perish within the flame and pass its worship on to a greater love.

A godbeing flame is an infinitely fine sense of knowing that vibrates nakedly as pure existence. This tender vibration is a matrix of living love, a fine thread in the fabric of godspace that can never be touched by mortal longing. Nothing so tender, nothing so real, can ever be exposed to the dross of human life. Even though all the planets and stars of human perception arise out of its contemplation of itself, living love cannot assert its existence as the source of this world without wounding the tenderness of its self-knowing.

And yet, deep within the human heart, there is a fine turn in the veil, which is the doorway into the presence of this being. Under extraordinary circumstances, which this flame of living love alone can manifest, it is willing to open the veil for modest waves of its love to be released. But there is a danger. So humble and beautiful is the love of this being that even its most reserved gesture can draw a lover into the flame. Such a union brings immediate death to the lover. There is nothing to special to glean when you contemplate this prayer (#38). Living love merely makes its presence known.