Peeking Behind the Veils

Your life is a vision you chose to walk from within the illusion that is human life. The question eventually arises as to whether you are willing to look behind the veil and accept that all your cherished beliefs are unreal. That's big enough without considering whether you are willing to shed the veil entirely. No matter. It is as it should be. Once you grasp the truth that you are living inside a preconceived dream, you can engage that dream as a living pretense. You move forward, one life among many, awake at last.

But the dream field has a greater reality beyond your personal vision, and if you indeed wish a vision of life, then try this: The dream world you have engaged is one unit of pure perception within the field of infinite possibilities. It is a dream that can be turned on or off by intent. Your particular dream module is real for you alone; untold others go on without you. Although you maintain the illusion of a world and universe, you understand that this illusion is sustained from deep within godspace and has its own intent beyond the story you are living.

With this knowledge, you learn to link your godbeing existence to the greater godbeing who is the dream master of earthplanet plane (The Galactic Mind). You learn that godspace has infinite dimensions wherein new godbeings emerge eternally in response to the dilemma of godspace, which is pure existence infinitely accepting and rejecting itself. Within the grace of a cosmic godbeing, your godbeing self exists as an evolving godbeing dreamer in naked awareness of the truth of pure existence. It is learning in an unfathomable way how to manage a portion of cosmic energy and to dream lives that act out godseed possibilities.

Your intent, your godbeing’s intent, and the greater intent beyond earthplanet plane are all here in the desire to know. Here it is. No need to understand it. It is a vision, a fragment of truth released from your deceiving spell. Let it be your portion to grasp!