Are You the Jewel in the Crown of Your Godbeing Self?

What is the link between your personal existence, which is your godbeing self’s dream existence, and the greater godbeing, which is the source of all godbeing dreamers in earthplanet plane (The Galactic Mind)? Look at your life and see if you can find a thread of offering, something you are willing to give up in order to create a deeper connection to your godbeing self. This offering is the meaning of virtue.

Within the greater and lesser dimensions of godspace, the struggle is the same—how to transfer the new knowing of godbeing life from a lesser godspace dimension to a greater. If a godspace dreamer wishes to access a greater reality beyond its capacity, it must manifest within its dream field something worthy of offering to the greater godbeing beyond, which it can use to prepare its offering . . . in infinite progression. This offering is the goal of all godbeing dreamers manifesting life on earthplanet plane. In your life, it is preparing that offering.

Within the infinite possibilities of life, the godbeing dreamer acts out godseeds inherent within its matrix in search of the one dream virtue, which it will then offer up as the essence of its sojourn on earthplanet plane. That offering could be you. This virtue is the link between your personal existence and the reality of godspace. Your godbeing self is the dreamer of your life. Its purpose is the real purpose. As you awaken from the fantasies of worldspace and rise above the passions of the species, you gain access to the original intent of your godbeing dreamer and learn to participate in the one real intent of life. The passion of your human longings resolves into one vibrating essence of life. You become the one jewel your godbeing self is willing to offer into the beyond. In this effort, your personal existence and your godbeing existence become one.