The Original Condition

Beneath the veils of light, within the dark waters of pure existence, something eternally stirs. Something mysterious knows itself more intimately than any lovers know each other. Existing in full knowledge of its boundless being, it both affirms and denies itself. In its knowing, existence and non-existence embrace each other with infinite energy, sending waves of pure existence godbeings into the void to carry out the eternal struggle for absoluteness. Within those waves, the helplessness of the mission is veiled over in a myriad of formed realities. Panicked godbeings become dreaming buddhas, settling down into an eternity of evasions. Disguised as creators, they conceal their infinite astonishment that they exist. Their life is a continual bemusement over dream beings struggling in their consciousness. They avoid dealing with the fact that these dream beings belie their godbeing terror about unmanageability of pure existence within itself.

This is the situation behind all creation, which is an infinite collection of godbeing/buddha dream realities, of which the human condition is one possibility of one godbeing playing itself out. As human beings awaken to discover what is at work behind their reality, they choose one of two paths—and there are only two—the one that affirms existence and the other which negates existence. There is nothing false about either of these positions. Earthplanet plane is one ground upon which this eternal struggle reveals itself, never offering solutions and only giving itself expression to keep uncertain the awful ambiguity that must never be faced.

Godbeings that manifest and sustain individual human lives are waves of this struggle arising out of a greater godbeing (a dreaming buddha) needing to justify its existence through the formed dream reality that is earthplanet plane. From its energetic position within the cosmos of godbeing adventurers, it cannot enter the life of its human dreamed beings. So, it manifests less energetically potent waves of itself to carry the dilemma of pure existence into its dream creation, imbuing these offspring godbeings with the desire to enter individual human lives. Their purpose is to recruit them as a means of exploring godbeing status within the untold possibilities of human life stories and through those stories to manifest something to justify the greater godbeing’s existence.