When It's All Too Much

As a godbeing enters the perception module of a human being, it takes on the various sheaths of the human experience, which are body, mind, emotion and the individualized sense. The contrast between its absolute singularity and earthplanet life is unendurable without profound preparation from both the godbeing and the human being points of view. Whatever urge has brought you to this moment, find within it the intense repelling influence these realities project onto each other.

Your life has no real purpose beyond the intent of the godbeing who is your life dreamer. Other influences, however, are always at play. Each sheath of individual life has desires of its own, which you must contend with in order to chart a life direction. Only the intent of the godbeing dreamer can coordinate these influences. Despair arises out of the imperviousness of the human form not only to the oversight of a godbeing but also to the life-supporting influences that are available from the godbeing’s other modules of perception.

The human body is almost opaque to the realities of godspace. It acts solely to live out its mission, which is to sustain itself so that other, more primary processes may take place. When left too long without the influence of the godbeing dreamer, which is its source of life, an individual life may self-destruct. In the larger context of the godbeing’s intent, such a life may still serve.