Love and Truth (The Original Condition)

These statements invoke the pure existence field:

In the field of pure existence, the love-forsaken truth reigns.
In the union of pure existence and matter, love stands for truth.
Love is the shadow cast by truth lost.
Love stands outside of itself when truth fails.
Time traps love inside its own emptiness.
Love's labor sanctifies the loss of truth.
Love leaves its own safe harbor in search of itself.
Love requires surrender to itself for truth to be regained.
With its own acknowledgment, love stands aside.
Love anchors itself within itself for truth to live.
Love asks every moment to surrender its impossibility.
Ignorance of love must master its own non-existence.
Truth disguises itself as love in order to be revealed.
Pure existence conceals itself for love.
Tainted love finds no respite.
The exegesis of these sutras leads only to despair.