Cosmic Energy

Cosmic life is God. Personal life is God. You are God in an individual package of which there are infinite numbers of individual packages. At the core of your being and of all beings, there is one burning fire, the fire of life, which draws upon its own self for life energy eternally. This is self-existence, a condition of the core that gives fire infinite possibilities for expression. Imagine now that you are a being of the core, a warrior for truth, a being so free and independent that at every moment all things are possible. Fire comes out of your eyes as you scan the world for courses of action. You have a sword in your hands with which to slay the enemies of truth. Your hair is a cascade of yellow, blue and white flames. No ghosts surround you. At any given moment you can be male or female. You are sex itself, the tension and the completion. You are pure existence with an edge, looking every instant into the chasm of non-existence, daring annihilation, affirming life.