The Meeting of the Human Being and the Godbeing

Thinkers in all ages have sought to define what it means to be human. None of these explanations, however, provide any real meaning because they are confined to the human mind, and, as we know from the way we define words, the human being cannot define itself. One step off earthplanet plane, however, will eliminate all necessity to define the human being. From this perspective, the human race is no longer a particular form of life working itself out within the context of planetary evolution; it is, instead the dream of a mighty godbeing, which is a collection of pure perception modules subsisting as a singularity in godspace.

There are occasions when you may be drawn out of worldspace into the knowing of the godbeing which is seeking entry into your particular module of perception. As part of its preparation of your vehicle to accept its reality, it will teach you the difference between the human and godbeing conditions. The godbeing knows what human life is. You as a human being do not know the conditions of a godbeing’s life. The first lesson is the gaining of perspective, which metaphorically is like an astronaut leaving the earth. Knowledge of godspace, however, is quite different from what the astronaut sees because the astronaut takes his human condition with him. You do not.

This knowledge of the godbeing’s reality will gradually transform your human condition into something that, unfathomably, will be able to accept this radical union. Any fears to be had in this process exist on both sides of the veil. Your human reality will undergo a change inconceivable from within the human condition, and thus you will look at what is coming in the same way you look at death. The godbeing will take on human limitations that will efface its security as a godbeing. Outside of worldspace, it knows it has eternal life and dwells within the grace of a greater godbeing. It knows that this greater godbeing manages its descent into human form from within its core of infinite intelligence. If you want to know the concerns of the godbeing, engage prayer #18 and immerse yourself in its reality.