Facing Uncertainty

Every human being faces the uncertainty of life. Individual actions are never fully fathomed because there is never just “your” action; there is only all-action-all-at-once shadowed over by the limitations of human thinking. As the godbeing who sponsors your life on earthplanet plane merges into your being, you are tempted to draw upon its absoluteness to free you from the uncertainties of action. This desire cannot be fulfilled. Not even the godbeing can assert itself with absolute certainty. And if it could, what would be the value? The godbeing is stepping down its energy to accommodate your physical form. In doing so, it takes on the density of matter as the mode of its existence for the sole purpose of allowing something unknown within itself to be revealed, action by action. Absolute decisiveness would be the antithesis of its efforts. You can use prayer  #28 and commentary to stir the fire of life within you and push through stuck energy, but the godbeing is not going to save you from anything. It knows itself absolutely as pure existence, and that is all it knows. Within the infinite possibilities of life in motion, it knows nothing more than you do.