Love and Death

There are always reasons why you cannot step out into godspace and claim your destiny. Look into your reason for being here and find what you are holding onto. What last grasp or reassurance is clinging to your heels as you seek to come out of the womb of human love?

Even as you contemplate what godspace realities could be like, you are measuring those possibilities against your deepest experience of human love, which is rooted in the biochemistry of mortal life. When you come to prayer card #49, you face the ultimate challenge: releasing the one redeeming and most compelling experience in life in favor of something absolutely impossible for the heart to accept.

Human love and living love do not compare. Nothing can save you from this truth. No imprint of human form in your heart, not even those you call lover, guru, or god, can survive the unwrapping of the veil. The illusion of two, you and your beloved other, must eventually surrender to the truth of the godbeing, who is managing your life as its life. No matter whom you love, he or she is already you.

With the veil in place, love is a binding cord of energy that leaps across the chasm of self and other. From within godspace, love is a cord that leaps across the chasm between existence and non-existence. A godbeing loves an “other” being who is as compelling and convincing a reality to it as it is to itself in its pure existence condition. You will know the truth of living love when you realize you cannot surrender love without dying, and you cannot live without loving. The dark chalice spills at midnight.