Living Love as the Ultimate Sacrifice

Living love arises in godspace as the original gesture of infinite mystery. It is the fabric out of which the veil of the world is made. Living love’s fiery quality arises out of its tenderness and a godbeing’s capacity to be overwhelmed by the absolute beauty of love. No being can resist the contemplation of absolute beauty, not even a godbeing. As its appreciation approaches self-annihilation, it sends cascading waves of living tenderness into godspace, which become innumerable godbeings contemplating their own beauty, until they send cascading waves of more living love into godspace . . .  eternally . . . as it has always been—infinite numbers of godbeings contemplating their beauty from the edge of their capacity to sustain their gaze.

The threads of godbeing tenderness, which are the fabric of the world, interweave themselves inside your heart where the one real question lives. This question arises out of the mystery of a godbeing who is seeking to unwrap the veil (which is you) it has used to shield itself from the absolute beauty of love and the tender condition that is love’s realization. You are the one being, both human being and godbeing. You have built a life out of the illusions of worldspace and have buried within those illusions the original apprehension of love.

But now, out of the waters of pure existence, an intent stirs. The godbeing which is your absolute self is placing upon the altar of forgetting all the shadows within which it has hidden itself. Those shadows are what you as a human being have come to love. The godbeing is the real being. Its reality is the contemplation of absolute love. You as a human being live only in the shadow of that love. As it removes the veil for a restoration of its original contemplation of beauty, it sacrifices you as a knowing being and uses your life force to expand its capacity to appreciate its existence.

The possibility of this sacrifice is the original intent behind the world. The cry that comes from prayer #43 arises not only out of the human heart upon its sacrifice but also out of the godbeing’s realization of the futility of what it has done. Nothing, no one, no life formed within the boundaries of worldspace can manifest enough capacity to sustain the absolute contemplation of love. The sacrifice of the human condition is a prelude to a deeper sacrifice which cannot be born, out of which a new veil arises and new illusion lives.