Love and the Greater Godbeing Beyond

Gradually, as your heart opens through the spiritual energy sent to you by the godbeing, quiet whisperings may stir you to seek greater intimacy with “God.” The veil loosens. You may engage in various activities, including prayer, meditation, pilgrimage, physical refinement, and other activities that would be unique to your personal condition. Subtle realizations may draw you out of your mind into the inner folds of being, giving you a taste of the field of reality, preparing you for a full realization that you are the godbeing.

A growing intimacy with your godbeing self may eventually penetrate into its intimacy with the greater godbeing beyond on the next higher plane of pure existence, out of which earthplanet plane manifests. Secrets stir within secrets as the infinitude of the cosmic godspace dimensions becomes knowledge. Layers unfold like delicate petals of a flower, giving intimations of love and the intimacies that are the foundation of all existence. You are astonished to find out what you are a part of. As you penetrate more deeply into the fabric of your being, you may encounter the existential task of the greater godbeing, of which your godbeing self is a part, and begin to sense what your role is inside of its godbeing drama. From there you may be invited to drink from the chalice of that knowledge and to take your stand on the platform of pure existence, knowing nakedly that you are the greater godbeing’s attempt at a solution to its existential dilemma. You will justify its existence if you are capable of taking the next step.