Doorways into the Truth of the Quantum Cosmos

This site is for those of you who have engaged the Fire of Life Oracle and wish to plunge deeper into the quantum cosmos, which awakens inside your consciousness through your inquiries. The material from  this site comes from the prayer commentaries and is available for those who wish to explore the material thematically. Exploring the Glossary is a good way to alert the Galactic Mind that you are present for entry into godspace. This invocation will open the door:

Unseen buddhas of pure existence,
sustainers of godspace in all awake beings,
you are the guardians of the seeds of pure knowing,
doorway into the truth of the quantum cosmos.
Now for this moment
I touch pure existence.
I ask safe harbor in your domain.

Galactic Self (A Cosmic Godbeing of a Cosmic Plane)—the conscious intelligence of the greater godbeing beyond. Its consciousness arises out of the life generated by the self-exploration of godbeings. The Galactic Mind is aware of all things within the galactic field. It is the singular being of one cosmic plane.

Godbeings—self-existent beings who are the raw cosmic intelligence from which all manifest life originates. Through their self-exploration, universes arise which generate the consciousness needed by the Galactic Self. Cosmic DNA.

Galactic body—life arising out of the self-exploration of godbeings; the object of perception for the conscious Galactic Mind. Other worlds, other beings, other kinds of existence.

Consciousness—knowing that arises out of a perception of objects. For consciousness to arise, there must be a perceiver and an object of perception. On the cosmic level, the Galactic Mind is the perceiver of the galactic body emerging out of the self-exploration of galactic beings.

Self-existence—the original condition in which a discrete being exists purely as itself. A self-existent being knows without being conscious.

Self-reference—the advanced spiritual condition in which a human being can know everything in terms of the Self.

Self—a discrete unit of existence.

Spirit—a field of formless life within the sub-galactic planes, the source of religious inspiration. It is not the same as the galactic field.

Godspace—the sum total of all godspace beings; the space where galactic beings work; the existential support for the galactic body.

Transposition—the movement of a cosmic being, a greater godbeing beyond, the Galactic Self, onto a higher cosmic plane of pure existence.

The Call—an effort engaged by a human being for the purpose of drawing the attention of the Galactic Mind to his or her life. Through this Call one generates the possibility of living a cosmic life. The Call and analysis of its import is available through this site.

Incursion—the entry of a piece of the Galactic Mind into a human being.

Excursion—the transport of a human mind onto the cosmic plane for the purpose of gaining the Galactic Mind’s point of view.

Living love—the capacity of a godbeing to know what it is while retaining its self existence. This love is the foundation love that reaches into human life, which then becomes diminished through the dense experience of human struggle.