Do You Really Want to be Enlightened?

If you are no longer mesmerized by the infinitude of worldspace and can accept the inexplicability of life when lived through the lens of personal toil, then you might be ready to drop the veil of earthplanet plane and assume the reality of your godbeing core. When your personal life story stops, you are left with a dreamscape that is complete with earthplanet, stars, galaxies, and the realization that it is all you. You no longer know yourself as a tiny being in an infinite universe that may house other planets with human-like beings. The truth is far greater than such trivial musings.

From your godbeing core, you realize that you and all that you perceive are a single module of pure perception, one among many which collectively comprise the dream worlds of earthplanet plane. All human and non-human perceptions integrate into each other through the dream vision of a godbeing on a higher plane of existence, through whose intent all life moves.

If you think this realization lies far beyond your capacity, look around and see if you can step outside what you seem to know. No matter where you are or where you may dream to go, including planets and stars, you cannot escape your point of view, which is always the center of everything. The stars and planets move around you, not the earth, which is merely an extension into three-dimensional space of your godspace point of view. When you sleep and dream, the world and stars go away. They return by an intent that is not your own. Turn your question into a  thread of illusion. Pull on that thread until the world starts to unravel. Let question after question arise until there is nothing left to ask. The godbeing dreams, whether you are there or not.