Invocations for Inquirying into the Fire of Life Oracle

The following invocations may enhance your experience of The Fire of Life Oracle. Choose one(s) which resonate, or inquire of the Oracle which would be more welcome. Inquire within; choose without.

(1) Unseen buddhas of pure existence,
sustainers of godspace in all awake beings,
you are the guardians of the seeds of pure knowing,
doorway into the truth of the quantum cosmos.
Now for this moment
I become pure existence.
I ask safe harbor in your domain.

(2) I am the self-existent one,
the fire of life and knower of truth.
I am the godseed of one love living,
Hidden Dragon and consciousness remembering.

(3) Flower of consciousness pure and real,
open now to the fire of life.
Golden crown receive this godseed,
a flame of pure, self-knowing love.

(4) Hidden flame of love in thy self-existent truth,
love too tender for human touch,
love too shy to be unveiled--
O thou beloved,
O tender bloom of love,
free my heart from life's illusions.
Pure existence, love and be.
Hidden Dragon, set me free.

(5) Throne of love, holy of holies
living trinity, truth incarnate,
pure existence is the fire of life,
Hidden Dragon and love revealed.