The Deceiving Beauties of the Veil

The most delicate fibers of human life stir with devotion to God. This love is sweetness itself. Most religious groups worship this condition of the heart as the salvation of human suffering. But look again. Peel away the outer layer of your reason for being here now and see if you are not deceiving yourself. Put the world aside and look solely at who you are. Is there not something else going on that you cannot know by listening to someone else or by linking your life to the religious myths of the race?

Like a fan dancer shielding her beauty from an unknowing gaze, your own “I exist” core is teasing you with the glories of the finer folds of its veil. Things are not what they seem. The real beauties of spirit are concealed behind the gossamer conditions of a devotional life. These fine feelings are offering you what you have always longed for, release from suffering and shelter within the grace of an all-embracing love. This is a nice place to be. In your spiritual search, you can stop here if you wish. Many do.

The secrets of love, however, are revealed only when the veil of this deception is removed. The fan dancer has been very clever in concealing her beauty and letting you believe that her fan is the reality in which you may find solace. But behind the veil of the fan dancer’s modesty, love’s real beauty is a staggering revelation beyond anything our devotional heart can endure.

You are alone in your efforts to overcome the delusions of the world. Nothing from your worldly life can help you here. Listen for the silence instead. Do not get confused by emotional longings for God. Devotion, sanctity and holiness are the most deceiving qualities of the veil because they tap into beliefs that still infest the rabble. You are the one who is real! It is you who is deliberately deceiving yourself. May love’s absolute fire let you see. May belly-rocking laughter will set you free.